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Community Engagement

At St Paul Apostle North we believe that education begins at home and that the family is the first educator of children. We value the importance and impact of family engagement in learning and building strong school and community partnerships. 


At St Paul Apostle North, we acknowledge that children are a precious gift and families honour us, as they entrust their children into our care to guide and support their learning and development. Evidence shows that when schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to progress further, stay longer in school and enjoy school more. We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning and also invite parents to join in a variety of celebrations that are held throughout the year. Parental engagement helps strengthen the bond between home and school. Children respond positively to seeing their families involved and the establishment and development of open lines of communication is greatly enhanced.


As part of our School Policy it is compulsory that all volunteers are required to have a Current ‘Working with Childrens’ Check. These can be obtained by visiting the Working With Childrens Website at:

Your participation and involvement in your child’s education could include the following:

  • Reading or helping in our classrooms
  • Assisting with the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) or our sport days
  • Becoming a Class Representative
  • Helping with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • Reading to/with your child
  • Praying with your child at home
  • Celebrating your faith with your child in your faith tradition at your local place of celebration/worship
  • Participating in class/whole school liturgies/ Masses and Assemblies
  • Discussing the day’s events with your child
  • Becoming involved in our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) and/or North School Advisory Board (NSAB)
  • Helping with our school working bees
  • Participating and attending our Parent Information Evenings
  • Attending our Student Led Conferences
  • Participating in school surveys, consultation processes and Policy development
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