Learning & Teaching

Learning & Teaching

Our curriculum ensures that children are provided with the opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be discerning critical thinkers and develop in-depth understandings essential for successful participation in the 21st century world.

Our curriculum program ensures authentic personalised learning. Prior experience, rich questions and the active processing of information are important to enable higher order learning. Our teachers inspire excellence and nurture potential with an inquiry approach to learning and teaching that stimulates and empowers students to develop as life-long learners. We encourage students to be positive, flexible problem solvers, innovative and creative thinkers who can manage change while working collaboratively as well as independently to achieve results.

Our school has rich and stimulating learning programs where student engagement does matter! We are committed to providing learning experiences that excite, challenge and extend students through a comprehensive curriculum that caters for different learning styles and learning needs.

Parent involvement is actively encouraged and highly valued to enhance and support our dynamic and vibrant school community.

A rich curriculum program based on the Victorian Curriculum ensures that students have access to the highest quality education. The curriculum offered at St. Paul Apostle North reflects current educational thinking that is enhanced by ongoing professional development of staff.

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