Specialist Program


We have a large gymnasium and great outdoor facilities. We provide a well-balanced, comprehensive program covering the following areas :

  • Athletics, Ball handling / Fundamental Motor Skills
  • Fitness Gymnastics / Movement
  • Dance Games / Sport Education
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities (Year 5 & 6 Camp)
  • Interschool Swimming, Cross-Country, Athletics (Year 4- 6)
  • Interschool Sports (Year 5 & 6)


The Performing Arts program is a vibrant part of our school with an emphasis on music education. Through music-making experiences we aim to nurture in children an enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts (Music/ Dance/ Drama) which will enrich the quality and creativity of their lives. Music is also an important part of our liturgical celebrations both at school and in the parish community.

In developing a cohesive and progressive music program, students are given opportunities to acquire musical knowledge (rhythm, melody, harmony, expression, tone colour, style, form, theory, history) through a balanced program of musical experiences (singing, moving, dancing, playing instruments, listening, creating).


All grades have fortnightly 60 minute sessions in our Art room with the Visual Arts specialist teacher. The Art curriculum gives students the chance to create, make, explore and respond to various elements, mediums and tools. We provide students with the chance to learn and develop new art skills. Students are given the opportunity to use various art materials in the form of construction, sculpture, collage, painting, drawing, printmaking and textiles. Within these forms students are taught various skills including: line, shape, space, texture, colour, form, tone, contrast, balance and pattern.

LOTE – Mandarin

The vision statement of St Paul Apostle North informs the teaching philosophy and goal setting for the school’s Language Other than English (LOTE) program. Students exposed to languages other than English benefit in numerous ways, which include an improvement of general linguistic skills and an appreciation of different cultures and attitudes. Experiencing the contrasts and similarities of a different language and culture assists students in learning more about their own language and way of life. Australia not only enjoys a rich domestic multicultural environment but is also geographically located in the Asia-Pacific region which is in itself a culturally diverse and dynamic region of the world. A strong and rich LOTE program enables students to engage and better understand cultures from neighbouring countries in a growing context of globalisation and modern communication.

In Grades 3 to 6 the emphasis of the program has been placed on developing students’ capacity to communicate orally in Mandarin about topics associated with their interests. Students are involved in a range of spoken models in Mandarin, supported by visual material and gestures that reinforce meaning. Students also develop skills in recording information gained through listening, speaking and oral interaction. Students in Prep – Year 2 also learn to sing songs in Mandarin. Songs and rhymes assist in the development of spoken language in the early years of a student’s education.

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