Our School

Our Vision

St Paul Apostle North

is a Catholic learning community that inspires, challenges and engages all to become inquisitive global citizens, grounded in faith and inclusive of others, with an intrinsic desire to make a difference.

Our Mission

St Paul Apostle North is a welcoming Catholic school where the Gospel values of Jesus Christ are celebrated and we are encouraged to be active members of our faith community. We are enriched by the cultural and spiritual diversity within our community and are united in our commitment to social justice and service to others.

We create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages positive relationships by developing interpersonal skills, self-confidence and respect for all. The unique qualities and needs of each individual are recognised and enhanced. As a learning community with high expectations, we aspire towards excellence, independence and a love of life-long learning.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum with purposeful learning opportunities that engage our students. We promote creativity and critical thinking through our dynamic programs, which are designed to support and challenge all students. We aim to develop confident, successful learners who are active and informed citizens of a global community.

Our inclusive leadership culture facilitates open communication and collaborative decision making. We endeavour to build the leadership capacity of all our school members. We are a learning community dedicated to working co-operatively to extend both staff and parent knowledge so that educational practices are effectively implemented. We lead by example.

We value parent and family participation in our school activities and celebrations as this is vital in creating a dynamic community. Partnership through effective communication and social connections deepens belonging and maximises educational outcomes for our students.

St Paul Apostle North is an exciting place to ignite your passion for learning.

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