Berry Street Education Model

St Paul Apostle North uses the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) as a whole school approach to teaching and learning. It is designed to increase student engagement, improve student’s self- regulation, growth and academic achievement. The strategies are based on trauma-informed practices, positive psychology and wellbeing practices. 

There is a large focus on relationships at our school, with each staff member making a conscious effort to get to know our students and how to best support them on their journey, using the BSEM strategies. 

Every day, each class begins with a morning circle, in which every student is greeted by name, daily routines and expectations are revised, and there is a discussion about how the class can show the school values that day. Each class has a “Ready to Learn Plan” which enables students to self-monitor and choose their own strategies to de-escalate or elevate their emotions and get ready to learn. Each class uses strategies such as brain breaks, to help students maintain concentration during learning time and students are explicitly taught about how their brain and body work and how to name, express and deal with emotions. 

Berry Street Education Model

(Berry Street, 2020)

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