Senior Leadership Program

At St Paul Apostle North, rather than the traditional school captains, we involve all of our senior students in a leadership program designed to promote 21st century skills. As a year level we investigate issues or areas for improvement in our school and local community. We collect data through surveys, interviews and observations. Then students use social skills, collaboration, design and technology to generate innovative ideas to solve problems. 

In the past students have used ‘Fun Theory’ to design fun bins to encourage their peers to recycle. They have written, directed and acted in short films to address social issues such as racism or family violence. They have run lunch clubs to help younger children with their social skills and held market stalls with products they have designed and produced to raise money for those in need! 

Our leadership program uses the Catholic Social Teachings to put our Catholic Faith into action. It builds the confidence of our students as they realise they can make a difference in the lives of others. Every Senior student at St Paul Apostle North is a leader and everyone is encouraged and supported to develop strong leadership and communication skills which they then carry forward to become active citizens with a strong sense of social justice and a firm belief that they can make a difference.

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