Student Wellbeing

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program (SWPBSP)

At St. Paul Apostle North, our School Wide Positive Behaviour Policy is based on a belief in the dignity and rights of the person. We believe that our school can achieve this by encouraging optimism and building self-esteem with the whole community working together.

At St Paul Apostle North Primary School we help children develop a sense of worth and achievement through programs that build self-esteem and social skills. 

Student Wellbeing is a shared responsibility between school, home and the community. All members of staff assume responsibility for student wellbeing, endeavouring to provide positive experiences for all children, where they feel safe and secure in a supportive environment and where a sense of belonging and wellbeing are strengthened.

This school endeavours to promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment for all children. It also aims to raise awareness of what makes children resilient, to develop strategies that reduce vulnerabilities and increase coping skills.

Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe.
Everyone has the right to be respected and treated fairly.
Everyone has the right to learn.
Everyone has the right to a pleasant, clean and safe school.
Everyone has the right to benefit from the good name of the school.

Rules and consequences aid the fostering of self-discipline within pupils. Each grade develops a code of cooperation and a set of agreed classroom rules, ensuring the safety and support for all children.

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