Learning & Teaching

The staff, students and parent community of St. Paul Apostle North are committed to providing a personalised, inclusive learning environment which strengthens the Catholic identity of our students and enables all students to flourish; academically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

We teach the whole child and understand the importance of knowing each student; their personalities, interests, family background, strengths and challenges – so we place relationships and wellbeing at the centre of our teaching. Student learning is enhanced by ongoing partnership between key stakeholders within our school and local community. A cohesive and collaborative whole school approach ensures consistency and positive outcomes for students as they progress along the learning continuum. We endeavour to equip our students with the critical tools and skills to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly global community. By inspiring and empowering them to be the change-makers within our school and local community, we aim to instill a belief that they can enact change, to make a difference in our world.


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