At St Paul Apostle North, we place emphasis on developing effective communication skills by focusing on purposeful language interactions in every classroom from Prep to Year 6.

Speaking and Listening (Oral Language) skills are important for a students’ social, emotional and academic development.  Opportunities for personal  ‘Investigations’ support students in the early years to develop the confidence required to become effective speakers and listeners. Authentic opportunities to discuss ideas and present information further develops oral language in senior grades. Good oral language is the springboard for the development of reading and writing skills.









Our teachers are highly trained in providing explicit Reading instruction through our Leveled Literacy Intervention. The program aims to produce confident, competent and independent readers. Explicit teaching is structured and focused on the learning needs of each student in the class. A range of instructional strategies are used to develop reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Our Writing program closely integrates with other areas of the curriculum. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their skills in writing across a range of genres and styles. The use of Information Technology is an integral part of our Literacy lessons which include the teaching of research skills needed to access and use information sources.

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