At St Paul Apostle North we understand that mathematics is integral to the successful participation in modern society. Mathematical competence enhances a student’s understanding of the world and increases a student’s ability to participate effectively in society. We recognise that maths is all around us and endeavour to integrate it across the curriculum.

Mathematics is more than numbers, we make connections to other disciplines and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. The staff gather data through purposeful assessments, to inform planning so that students are at the centre of all learning experiences, targeting their point of need. The content is delivered in a stimulating learning environment equipped with resources, including concrete materials, technology and learning aides, so the children can deepen understanding, while developing collaboration and critical thinking skills. We strive to nurture students to be creative thinkers, resilient, inquisitive and confident risk takers. 


The staff continue to utilise evidence-based, best practice models, while integrating proficiency in problem solving, reasoning, fluency and understanding across all areas of the Mathematical Curriculum. Mental Maths is an important focus in our school, as it is a skill set that helps students make connections between ideas, facilitating the learning of new concepts. It is a process whereby students perform calculations in their head, without the use of aides or materials. 





At St Paul Apostle North we believe that all students can achieve success and enjoy Mathematics.

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