At St Paul Apostle North Primary School we strive to educate our students for the future. By incorporating STEM throughout the curriculum, our students become passionate learners, with inquisitive minds, who take control of their own learning. The rich and authentic STEM experiences that the students engage in incorporate a variety of science, technology, engineering and math opportunities.

Our Walker Learning program allows students to have a voice from Prep to Grade 6 by sharing their interests to delving into research projects. This method of learning fosters curiosity, creating engaged learners who can adapt their thinking. In our ever-changing world these skills are more vital than ever before.

We believe that learning happens in a wide variety of environments; therefore bringing children outside to allow them to experience the world around them is an important part of our STEM program. Our school’s location allows us to take advantage of the tranquil reserve that we have right on our doorstep. Outdoor education allows us to teach life skills and provide hands on experiences, enhancing students’ engagement in learning. 

At St Paul Apostle North we use a variety of devices as tools of learning, including laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. In our junior school, children have opportunities to develop their skills through the use of ipads. As students progress into the middle and senior areas of the school 1:1 Chromebooks are required. This allows students to deepen their understanding of the use of technology and the responsibility involved.  

The teaching of robotics and coding assists our students with an early understanding of programming whilst also developing their mathematical understanding and skills. We aim to deliver programs which provide meaningful computational thinking, computer programming and 21st-century education in an engaging, hands-on way. Engaging with robotics teaches the importance of collaboration, as well as developing students’ critical thinking skills. We are developing our robotics program through the use of Beebots and unplugged activities in the Junior school and Edison Robots, Coding programs and Makey Makey in the Senior school.

At St Paul Apostle North, we believe in the vital partnership between home and school, therefore one important component of our learning is our digital portfolio. This is an ongoing, flexible record of students’ learning in all areas of the curriculum, driven by the students’ interests and creativity. Across the school, students record their

thinking and learning through videos and photographs that are shared with families in real time through the Seesaw platform. Thus bridging the gap between home and school to embed a real sense of community.

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