Positive Behaviour

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program (SWPBSP)

At St. Paul Apostle North, our School Wide Positive Behaviour Policy is based on a belief in the dignity and rights of the person. We believe that our school can achieve this by encouraging optimism and building self-esteem with the whole community working together.

Under the umbrella of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) our school is committed to a tiered framework to meet the wellbeing needs of our community. We allow for flexibility depending on the current needs of our school.

School wide practices 

As a whole school we have behaviour expectations defined and explicitly taught to students. Each year level uses on-going, age- appropriate systems for encouraging expected behaviour based on the Wellbeing Scope and Sequence.  Responding to unexpected behaviour is done with the dignity of each person in mind and in a restorative manner. Our school has a commitment to personalised learning allowing each student to reach those expectations. 

Targeted practices 

Evidence-based interventions are in place to reduce the number of students displaying problem behaviour despite school-wide practices being in place. 

Intensive Practices 

Evidence-based interventions in place to manage severity and complexity of extreme problem behaviour. 


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