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St Paul Apostle North School

We encourage you to visit our school.

Please visit us on an open day or contact the school to arrange a personal tour and meet the Principal, Mary Lucas, to discuss your child’s needs. If you wish to enrol your child at St Paul Apostle NORTH primary school, you will need to complete an application for enrolment. Enrolment forms are available at the school office and below.

We encourage the pursuit of excellence and provide children with a variety of opportunities to experience success.

Applications for enrolment of pupils for the following year’s Foundation Class are called during Semester One. Open days and tours are advertised through the school newsletter, school website, the parish bulletin, the local newspaper and on kindergarten notice boards.

Children can only be enrolled to start school in February of the year in which they turn five, provided their birthday is on or before April 30. Parents will need to provide a Certificate of Immunisation from the City of Casey and bring along the child’s Birth and Baptism certificates to be photocopied.

There are always limited places for students in Years 1-6. Please make an enquiry.

Taking enrolments for 2024 & 2025.

Enrolment Procedure

To enrol your child at St Paul Apostle North we ask that you complete an enrolment application form, which is available online, or a paper version may be collected from the school office. If you would like an enrolment pack and application form mailed to you, please contact our school office on 9700 6068.

When submitting the enrolment application form, we ask families to please include the following documentation:

  • Birth certificate

  • Baptism certificate (if applicable)

  • Australian Government/Medicare Australia Immunisation certificate

  • Commitment Agreement form

  • Visa information (if applicable) 


Prep Orientation

Our Prep Orientation Program is designed to make the transition into school life as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We want all of your children to be excited and confident about starting school here at St Paul Apostle North. 


Orientation Dates for this year, for students beginning in 2025 are as follows:


Term 3 2025

  • TBA


Term 4 2024


  • TBA

SPAN Logo.png

Prep Transition Program



Each of our Preps will be assigned a Grade 5 buddy. For the next two years, their buddy will be another connection that they will have at school, someone who can help them on the playground, as well as during our regular, dedicated Buddy sessions.


Parent Information Session

Towards the end of November, you will be invited to a Parent Information Night. On that night we will hopefully provide all the information you need for your family to have a smooth transition into our school. This is also another opportunity to ask questions and to meet with other parents. Children do not need to come to this meeting.


Welcome Mass

In Term 4, you will also be invited to bring your child to a Sunday Mass at St Paul Apostle Parish where they will be welcomed into the Parish by their Grade 4 Buddies, along with the Preps from St Paul Apostle South.

Why would you choose St Paul Apostle North for your child?

At St Paul Apostle North, we recognise that choosing a school for your family is a very big decision. That’s why it is important to choose a school whose values align with your own.


At St Paul Apostle North, our values have been developed over time, in partnership with our students, families and community, and underpin all we do and all we aspire to be.


We have three main core values which encompass all areas of school life. These values are: I Care, I am Responsible and I Respect.


  • I Care - We place our God and the wellbeing of our whole community at the centre of all we do. Our children and their families know that they are known and cared for. When we are flourishing spiritually and emotionally, we are in an optimum place to learn. We are passionate in caring about sustainable practices, teaching through our Kitchen Garden Program and Outdoor Learning Program.


  • I am Responsible - Our staff are highly trained and  take our responsibility and duty of care seriously. Our Walker Learning Approach, personalised teaching and real life learning allows our students to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning and understand their impact on others and the world around them.


  • I Respect - We respect the dignity of every person and strive to treat each other as children of God. Bullying, in any form, is never tolerated at St Paul Apostle North. Our behaviour policy is based upon deep respect and is therefore proactive rather than punitive. Respectful Relationships and Child Safety are central to all we do.



From the very beginning we welcome you into our family. Please check out this website and, if you like what you see, make an appointment to come and have a tour of our wonderful facilities and chat about what you are looking for for your child and what we have to offer you.


School Tour

Tours are available most days at 11:30am by appointment. However, If another time suits you better, please don’t hesitate to call and we will arrange a more suitable time. A tour is a wonderful opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for a school and how comfortable you will be being part of our community.



Once you have decided on our school (and we hope you do) and have submitted your enrolment form, a time will be arranged for you to bring your little one to school and meet with me, the Principal, and a member of the teaching team. This is a time when you can ask further questions and our teachers can begin a pre assessment so that we can make sure your child is properly catered for when they begin next year.


Kinder Visit

During Term 3, either myself or another member of staff will visit your child at his/her kinder to get to know them a little more in an environment where they feel comfortable. We will bring with us a little booklet explaining the day to day life of Prep. Your child will bring that home and you can read it and discuss it regularly so that your little one is prepared and understands the daily routine of school.


Orientation Sessions

Spaced over Terms 3 and 4, your child will visit our school for a number of one hour sessions to get to know their classroom, our Specialist areas (Art, Music, PE), and their future classmates. Parents are invited to meet in another area of the school during these times. This is a wonderful way to make friendships and connections even before your child begins here at St Paul Apostle North.


Buddy Sausage Sizzle & Scavenger Hunt

Early in Term 4, your child will be invited to come to school and meet their Buddy. They will be provided with a sausage sizzle and the Buddies will take them on a scavenger hunt to find all the different areas of our school and to explain to them what happens in those different areas. This is just another opportunity for your child to familiarise themselves with the school so that they don’t feel overwhelmed next year. Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy a sausage and each other’s company on this day too.

Book a Tour

Book A Tour

Thank you for contacting St Paul Apostle North Primary School Endeavour Hills. We will be in contact shortly.

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