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Our School

St Paul Apostle North School

St Paul Apostle North School is situated in a peaceful, residential area adjacent to Churchill Park Reserve, close to sports grounds and recreational activities. We are characterised by our safe and stimulating environment.

Our students come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This rich cultural diversity is a great strength which enables our community to genuinely embrace our differences and to respectfully share perspectives, enhancing knowledge, understanding and harmony. Our Respectful Relationships curriculum and continued commitment to the Berry Street Education Model complements this.

Our commitment to family engagement and our relatively small size allows for meaningful student interaction, the nurturing of relationships and the building of self-confidence that is essential for learning and life. Building positive relationships is the key to knowing our students’ needs and providing a differentiated curriculum to support their learning development.

The school offers a balanced curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum and the Catholic Education Melbourne Pedagogy of Encounter, with authentic links to faith and life. There are specialist teachers who work part-time in the following areas: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education and LOTE –Mandarin. The school provides Literacy and Numeracy support for students through our differentiated learning programs, supported by our rigorous assessment structures, which provide the data for our educators to develop personalised and scaffolded learning tasks.

We believe in being proactive and offer a range of support programs that build academic as well as interpersonal and personal skills. Our Religious Education Leader, Learning and Teaching Leader and Learning Diversity Leader work together with the Principal to support the professional development of staff to ensure continuous school improvement.

Our grounds are safe and attractive with excellent play areas for sports, creative play and peaceful contemplative zones. St Paul Apostle North, Endeavour Hills builds authentic partnerships with parents and the wider community. Our positive, supportive relationships and engaging learning opportunities ensure personal success for each student.

We challenge and support our students to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, and compassionate members of society who truly believe they can make a difference, and who continually strive to do so.

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Our Vision

St Paul Apostle North is a Catholic learning community that inspires, challenges and engages all to become inquisitive global citizens, grounded in faith and inclusive of others, with an intrinsic desire to make a difference.


Our Mission

St Paul Apostle North School is committed to Catholic Education in a welcoming, supportive and engaging learning environment.


We are committed to the personal learning journey and growth of our students.


We aspire to develop active, successful life-long learners and creative, innovative thinkers who contribute positively to their community, both local and global.


We aim to create an environment that is inclusive of diversity, promotes gender equality and respectful relationships for all members of our school community.




We respect ourselves, others, property and the environment. 


We take ownership of our behaviour and actions and ensure we set a positive example to all.


We show empathy, support and kindness to others. We foster a sense of belonging for all and are committed to working in partnership with our community as one family.


We successfully manage life’s challenges and relationships. We persist and do our very best.


Our Parish


Out of School Hours Care - Beyond Educare

At Beyond EduCare we recognize the importance of the partnership between families and the service to provide the best care for the children and offer a program that is designed specifically to meet all their needs.
Our induction aims to inform families clearly of our po
licies, practices and also help us build a picture of your child and how we can best help make the transition into OSHC as smooth as possible. We see ourselves as one big family!

Please find information on how to enrol in Beyond Educare by clicking HERE

Shayan: 0426 998 325

Out of School Care
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